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Established Patients

If you are an established patient and are in need of a medication refill, call your pharmacy.  They will fax my office at:  1-866.453.0617.  Give me 3 business days to respond to the pharmacy and fill it.  Usually it doesn't take that long and it is fine to send me a friendly text during business hours letting me know that you need a refill, what medication and if it is to be sent to a pharmacy different from the usual one which is stored in your record.  And if you are new or not so new but feeling forgetful:  stimulants for ADD/ADHD and any other controlled medications for anxiety or sleep will not be refilled without an office visit. Nor will they be refilled early or if lost or stolen more than once. Generally speaking all patients must be seen at least once a month to have their medications managed by me.

If your insurance company needs a prior authorization for a medication, you will be charged a fee of $25.00 for the time involved in getting the prior authorization.  This became effective January 1, 2018. 

As always, you know how to reach me. However, I do not respond to texts or emails on the weekends. Of course, I respond to all crisis calls.  Please do take care, be well and I will see you soon.

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Fax:  866.453.0617

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